Solo Development Guide

Solo Development Guide

This guide describes how to work inside Solo's system architecture and develop applications for Solo.

The objective of this guide is to enable developers to:

  • Get a General Overview of how Solo works
  • Access and work with Solo's Linux distribution
  • Upload and run Python scripts, including DroneKit-Python
  • Run services that run on boot
  • Process video as it’s being streamed to and from Solo
  • Troubleshoot Solo

Navigate using the sidebar or the "next page" arrows to begin.



  • New docs for accessory developers: Solo Accessory Overview, Battery Bay, Battery Charger Interface.
  • Gimbal docs updated. Added power supply information, new gimbal "Beauty Plate" CAD file, information about software integration. Corrected description of HDMI cable.
  • Accessory Bay docs updated. Added new power supply and communications architecture sections, along with information about how to connect to the accessory port via USB. Improved the information in the pinout.
  • System architecture diagram updated. Added more detail about components, power supply, data flow.



  • solo-utils is removed.
  • The PC command line tool Solo CLI is now used for all examples.
  • Video output examples temporarily reduced in scope to improve reliability.


  • Initial release!


The Solo Development Guide is released as CC BY-SA 4.0. See our Github Repository for more details.