Solo Development Guide

Solo Accessory Overview

This page is an overview of the main interface points for developing Solo accessories.

Payload bays/integration points

Solo has three different payload bays:

Other accessory/integration options include:

Reserved zones

Modularity is a key benefit to developing on Solo. It is important to say inside the zone reserved for your accessory (outside of the zones reserved for other bays and the propeller keep-out zones).

The diagram below shows the main zones available to all bays and the propellers.

Solo Accessory Zones
Figure: Solo Accessory Zones

Accessories exponentially increase in value when strategically combined!

Accessory Communications

In order to communicate with Solo your accessory must establish a connection and be recognised by Solo. The two supported interfaces are USB and I2C (depending on payload bay).

Information for communicating with each bay is part of individual bay documentation.


Safety must be your top concern when developing for Solo.

Accessories should be firmly attached using the provided mechanical interfaces.