Solo Development Guide

Accessing Solo

Solo can be accessed via WiFi. When Solo and its Controller are booted, the Controller creates a private network between the two devices. Any computer or smartphone can connect to this network and access these devices via their IP addresses.

The network assigns particular addresses to the Controller and to Solo. All other devices are assigned within a particular range:

  • — Controller
  • — Solo
  • — Computers, phones, or other devices on the network

Using SSH

SSH is a mechanism to access the shell of another device securely. SSH is the primary mechanism by which you can access Solo's internals. You can SSH into either Solo or the Controller.

To SSH into Solo, you will need an SSH client.

  • On Windows, we recommend PuTTY or Cygwin with OpenSSH.
  • On Linux or OS X, you likely already have OpenSSH installed. Try using the ssh tool from your command line.

First, connect to Solo's WiFi network (similar to how you would connect your phone to it via the app). Next, open a terminal and type:

ssh root@

This will prompt you for Solo's root password. The default SSH root password on Solo is:


Your SSH client will then have direct terminal access to Solo.


Solo's root SSH password is the same for all devices. We recommend not modifying the SSH password. Instead, improve security on your device by changing the WiFi SSID and password via the app.