Solo Development Guide

Architectural Overview

Solo is a Linux system (iMX.6 running Yocto Linux) connected to a Pixhawk™ autopilot.

The Pixhawk™ controls flight modes, stabilization, and recovery in the case of an RTL event (return-to-launch). Pixhawk™ communicates over the MAVLink telemetry protocol to both the on-board Linux computer and downstream devices like the Controller and mobile phone Solo apps.

The Linux system controls high-level operation of the copter: smart shots, camera and gimbal control, mobile app communication, and accessory interaction are all implemented in this layer.

Solo System Diagram

The diagram below is a simplified view of the main elements of the Solo architecture.

Solo System Diagram
Figure: Solo System Diagram

Data lines shown in solid blue with arrows showing the direction of data flow. Power lines are shown in red. Dashed-blue data lines to payload bays indicate data lines that are not available/supported for third-party use.

Solo hardware/software stack

  • 3DR Poky (based on Yocto Project Reference Distro, Poky 1.5.1)
  • Python 2.7.3
  • ARM Cortex A9 (i.MX6 Solo by Freescale), 1Ghz, 1 CPU core with VPU and GPU